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Certificate of compliance to the standard ISO 9001:2000

Quality Management Sistem

This page is devoted to the activity of the Russian private consulting company Russian Agency for Small and Medium Business Support in the field of Quality Management System development. Russian Agency for Small and Medium Business Support makes part of the network of regional Small Business Development Agencies functioning throughout Russia.

Close joint stock company Russian Agency for Small and Medium Business Support offers to its foreign partners consulting services for establishing Quality Management System.

Development and application of Quality Management System of a company and preparing it for the procedure of certification by the international standard ISO 9001:2000.

We provide this service for

- joint venture companies with foreign and Russian capital
- and for Russian representations of foreign companies.

Introduction of the standard ISO 9001 in the Quality Management System of a company permits:

- to reduce non-production costs
- to raise the quality of products/ services
- to improve management system and increase its efficiency
- to raise the sense of responsibility and discipline of the staff
- to prepare the company for the introduction of e-circulation and e-control of documents

After the Quality Management System of the company has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001, the company:

- gets an advantage in tenders and competitions in front of other competing companies,
- gets a possibility to receive a state, military or other type of order financed by the budget,
- heightens its image as seen by foreign and Russian partners and investors,
- heightens its image in the region and in the given market sector,
- allows to use the procedure of avowal of the quality conformance of the products in accordance with paragraph 4 of the article 24 of the Federal law N.184 On Technical Control,

Competitive advantages of Russian Agency in providing services of development and application of Quality Management System:

- Consultants of Russian Agency have passed out special additional training in one the leading consulting companies of Europe, they have successfully introduced Quality Management System in a number of companies and have positive client references;
- Russian Agency specialists create Quality Management Systems that really work and bring profit to the clients companies. Russian Agency does not sell ready-made packages of documents with the scope of merely formal description of the systems;
- Plan of development and application of Quality Management System offered to companies by our specialists is worked out in the way that it does not impede the current activity of the company;
- The client pays only for the time that the consultant spends in the company of the client. The client does not pay for the work that is carried out by the consultant in the distant mode with the exchanges of data by e-mail or by telephone;
- Methods offered by Russian Agency envisages creation of systems with the minimal volume of documentation;
- Technology of Quality Management System development and application elaborated by Russian Agency specialists allows for measurement and obvious monitoring, which lets the companys leadership keep well informed about the course of works;
- Russian Agency keeps partnership links with all certifying bodies represented in Russia and helps to determine the choice of a certifying body most beneficial for the client.
Additional information about Quality Management System is available from experts of Russian Agency.

We invite you to make use of our services:

Quality Management System of Russian Agency has been certified as corresponding to the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2000. The certificate of the quality conformity QUAL/2004/22541 has been issued by the certifying body AFAQ ASCERT International www./about_siora/cert.asp.
Information about the consulting activity of Russian Agency in the field of Quality Management Systems of ISO 9001:2000 is represented at the web address , the list of clients, their reviews and photo-reports are at the page /customers.asp. References of our clients are also represented on the page - /customers/.

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