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Certificate of compliance to the standard ISO 9001:2000

Business planning

Specialists of Russian Agency offer business planning services. Our business plans satisfy Russian and international standards and are accepted by Russian and foreign credit issuing organizations.

We offer a wide range of services in the sphere of business planning, namely:

  • business planning without marketing research, on the basis of information, provided by the customer from 1000 euros, time of execution not less then 2 weeks
  • business planning with marketing research from 2000 euros, time of execution not less then 10 days
  • examination of ready business plans from 300 euros, time of execution up to 5 days

    Upon your request our specialists will defend ready business plan when introducing it to potential investors, and will also make changes, additions and re-calculate figures in accordance with investors remarks.

    The prices are approximate and can be discussed in every individual case.

    Business planning is started after a contract is signed and making an advanced payment at the rate of 50% of full price is made.

    Business plan is a program of industrial activity. It describes an enterprise, planned products and services, target market, financial needs and planned profits. It is used for:

  • attracting investment
  • obtaining a credit
  • sober estimation of real opportunities.

    If you want a business plan which will bring you success, you should spend a lot of time: gather and analyze a lot of information, sometimes re-examine the data and make additional research.

    For successful implementation of a business plan you have to study the legislation, which regulates activity of the business you are interested in. First of all you should find out whether this type of industrial activity is liable to licensing. Secondly, you should promptly inquire about amendments to the legislation in order to pay taxes accurately and to enjoy benefits.

    Content and volume of business plan differ depending on the aim of entrepreneur and business sphere.

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