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Certificate of compliance to the standard ISO 9001:2000

Standing Arbitration Court

For the purpose of settling economic disputes a standing Arbitration Court has been founded at Russian Agency for Small and Medium Business Support.

The legal procedure is pleaded in accordance with the Regulations of the Arbitration Legal Code of Russia and Civil Legal Code of Russia, in compliance with the requirements of the Regulations of the Arbitration Court of Russian Agency for Small and Medium Business Support. The Arbitration Court is guided only by the current legislation and is completely independent in its decision-making.

The advantages of the Arbitration Court: the legal procedure is brought to the utmost acceleration and simplification. There is only one instance in the court. The dispute is considered in the essence of matter within 20 days from the moment of registering a claim. The decision comes into legal force immediately, it is final and is subject to implementation on a voluntary basis.

In case the decision is not implemented voluntarily, Arbitration Courts and Courts of general jurisdiction issue an act of execution which is further passed to the Services of officers of the court for a forced levy of funds. The legal procedure is ended by the levy of funds.

The acquired juridical practice reveals the fact that the arbitration legal procedure has a great effectiveness in the regions of Russia as there it is not easy to obtain a court decision and recover funds from a more influential part.


- Legal advice of Russian Agency experts on settlement of economic disputes;
- Legal defence of the rights of entrepreneurs in economic disputes;
- Legal defence of the right of natural persons;
- Legal investigation.



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